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I’ve had a few conversations with people lately about what I might “miss” about drinking.  Hmm…  hangovers, guilt, fear, self-loathing, disappointing people, disappointing myself, losing things (like my keys, my memories, my health)… nah, I’m pretty good without those things.

Yeah, they’ll say, but what about a good (I mean REALLY good) glass of wine?  What about an expensive brandy after a fine meal over something sweet and sensuous?

Okay, yes.  I’m wistful!  I confess.  What about that celebratory sip of champagne after a job well done?  Hell, what about a cold beer after a happy afternoon of yardwork?  Sure–sounds good.  The thing is, I never needed the job well don or the afternoon of weeding to justify the drink.  And it was never just one drink, trust me.

When I am feeling a longing for these things, I do try to remind myself that I can’t drink like a “normal” person (although one might question why “normal” people want to drink in the first place).  And, I look to my higher power.

Yes, you skeptical toe-rags:  I have a Higher Power.  I’ve got THREE of them.  (more…)



Glucose Molecule


You may remember from an earlier post a simple, scientific fact about alcohol:  it is the longest chain of glucose molecules a human can ingest.  It’s sugar… only it’s sugar like The Incredible Hulk is a man.  Perversely, when consumed, alcohol lowers blood glucose levels, which is one of the reasons alcoholics begin to crave more and more alcohol.  It’s a form of hypoglycemia.  When you take the alcohol away, the craving for sugar remains and the relationship to food intake is incredibly confused.  Withdrawal can lead to the kind of eating described below, which roughly follows the amount of sugar my body used to expect during the day from alcohol consumption:

My Detox Daily Eating Schedule:   (more…)