This blog is a personal account of my day-to-day experience of getting and staying sober.  Sometimes I focus on the physical/visceral aspects of alcohol withdrawal; at other times I explore my experience through literature, current events, and popular culture.    The blog is directed toward anyone interested in the experience of withdrawal and recovery and is not only for addicts.  With this blog, I am NOT seeking nor providing advice, although your comments are welcome.

  1. peterjh says:

    Hi Soberfornow, Loved reading your Blog. I see humour in your discussions of the alcoholic mind. I identify in so many areas. Some parts become a little obscure for me. Not your writing but me looking/analyising wanting black and white solutions to my problems. Because I care about my recovery and yours I have saved your sirte as a favorite and will read your thoughts with great interest. I am wondering if your writing will change over time as your sobriety lenghtens. Adam Lindsay Gordon (Australian Poet, Artist, Bushman etc) had a brilliant mind. Society deemed him mad-He was a drunk and and finally made his great escape from reality-Shot himself. Keep the good work coming LOL ps. got your site from ITR Just thought there was more to your post on ITR. Thanks

    • soberfornow says:

      Thanks for reading and for caring. We all could use every scrap of support we can get.

      Re: My writing changing: I certainly hope it will change for the better; but, I think that’s what all writers hope.

      Re: “Great escapes.” I hope my essay on Escape Artistry wasn’t suggesting that substance abuse and suicide are valid “escapes”–they are not escapes at all, but the final acts in a self-serving drama of Life as Extreme Sport. Beckett, for instance, had a character in an early series of stories he wrote refer to suicide as “backsliding.” I’ve always liked that. Likewise, my favorite 17th century poet, John Donne (by far the guy who could most put Sexy into Cerebral) wrote a very moving forward to his first published prose work, Pseudo-Martyr, in which is say, “surely we are sent into this world not to suffer, but to do.” I do not believe in suffering as a remedy for anything, which is why I protest a little against the way some people choose to use phrases like “Life on life’s terms.” Doing that has, unfortunately, led to a lot of suicides I think. Or so many of the thinkers I admire would seem to say.

      I’m hoping to add more to my little blog. I’m almost eight months sober now, and very grateful for my sobriety today. As the phrasing goes, Keep coming back!

  2. Hi there,
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    At the DUI Foundation, we see the dangers and repercussions from people driving while impaired. One issue we cannot stress enough is the importance of educating people on the dangers of impaired driving, and with December being National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, Would you be willing to help us raise that awareness by writing a blog post to talk about the dangers of impaired driving? I could use your help!

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